Are your windows not functioning properly or is your window and door hardware old and outdated? In addition to window and door sales and installation, Stephen Windows Strathroy Ontario provide window and door parts and accessories to keep your windows and doors performing well for the long haul.

Below is not an exhaustive list of what we offer, if you don’t see what you need below please contact us.

Window Hardware

Casement Locking Handles
Casement Operators/Track
Channel Balances
Constant Force Balances
Crank Handles
Screens and screen parts
Sliding Window Rollers, Guides, Replacement Track

Door Hardware

Bi-Fold Door Hardware (metal/wood)
By-Pass Door Hardware (metal/wood/mirror)
Stops, Holders, Viewers, Sweeps
Door lites (glass for doors)
Storm door parts ( pumps, handles, locks)
Patio Door Screens, Handles, Hardware
Patio Glass Door Roller Assemblies
Pivot Lock Shoes, Pivot Bars, Tilt Latches
Pivot Pins
Lock sets
Patio door hardware such as locks, bolt locks, rollers, etc
Screens and screen parts
Entrance Door Handle Sets
Glazing Bead
Glazing Spline
Hydraulic Closers
MultiPoint Locking Systems
Closet Door Hardware
Replacement Patio Door Track
Sash Guides
Sash Locks
Screen Cloth
Screen Door Roller Assemblies
Screen Wire and Screen Cloth
Security Locks, Charley Bar Locks
Storm Door Closers
Storm Door Handles, Latches
Swing Door Handle Sets
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Remember what we said - if you can't see what you're looking for, give us a shout!