For over 64 years Stephenson Home Improvement has been providing the highest quality products to you, our customers. When it comes to windows, we offer a complete line of vinyl windows to help beautify and enhance your home.

Our experienced craftsman at Stephenson Home Improvements work, with meticulous care and precision to ensure that our clients receive the best service and professional results that they deserve.

Vinyl windows became the most popular windows in Canada for this simple reason – they’re built to last; they never chip, peel or rust. You can count on decades of trouble-free, virtually maintenance-free operation. Simply clean the windows periodically with soap and water.

Replacing your old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient windows from North Start Windows can make your home look great and is an investment that will pay for itself in a few years.

Any home or business will benefit by replacing old leaky, inefficient windows with new modern energy-efficient windows.

Whether you are a homeowner that needs a few windows for a small addition or an architect, builder, or developer that needs hundreds of windows with custom details for a large project, Stephenson Windows Strathroy Ontario can meet your needs.

Our relationship with our suppliers allows us to buy at volume prices directly from the manufacturer. We pass these savings on to our customers to offer the most competitive prices matched with the best service in town.

Take a look at our product lineup of windows:










Take a look at the benefits of getting new windows:

Lower Energy Bills

North Star’s high-performance windows and doors are designed to hold in those comfortable inside temperatures your family enjoys, keeping out the cold, wet and summer’s heat. And while you are enjoying your home, your new North Star windows and doors will help you to save money. To increase the efficiency of our windows and doors, North Star uses energy-saving Low-E glass that features a near-invisible coating that reduces the amount of heat lost while letting in maximum light. North Star High performance vinyl windows are on average twice as efficient as the average window made ten years ago and can help reduce your energy bills significantly.

Go Green

Use the sun’s natural heating and cooling abilities to go green and help your energy bills. North Star offers several unique glass coating types which help to keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. These special coatings reflect heat back to its source, whether the sun or your furnace. And they are near-invisible—letting in maximum light while saving the most energy.

Peace & Quiet

Whether you live on a quiet street or near a busy intersection, sometimes you want to keep the outdoors out and the indoors in. Our easy to close windows can help to block out unwanted noises—your neighbour’s boisterous backyard barbeque, too early in the morning construction or barking dogs. Whatever the disturbance, North Star’s well-crafted and streamlined windows can help to block it out. This is due to our Super Spacer® technology built-in to all of our windows and our fusion welding process, which adds strength and ensures a perfect seal.

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