At Stephenson Windows, we hear this question all the time:

“How do I know when it’s time to replace my windows?”

It’s a great question. Every small business and home owner understands that windows are a huge investment, so the decision to replace your windows cannot be taken lightly. You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for some more info about this, but here is a more detailed answer.

The windows you have now are most likely the original windows installed when your home or commercial building was built. I’m sure you have noticed some things that don’t seem ‘right’ about your windows, and you have a feeling that it’s time for them to replaced. Here are some more specific reasons and signs for you to consider:

• As your windows have deteriorated you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling bills are on the rise (separate from our wonderful provincial government’s doing)
• Your windows are not opening and closing properly
• The cranks on your awning or crank out windows have broken off or don’t work
• There is condensation forming inside of the window panes
• You can feel a breeze through your windows
• Perhaps is aesthetics: your current windows are faded, beat up or outdated and make your home/building look much older than it is
• Water is coming in through the window when it rains, or there is excessive condensation on the inside of the panes
• Your windows are either screwed shut or even permanently closed with duct tape
• The frames are either rotted or the paint has faded or chipped off
• You want to sell the house and you need curb appeal to make the sale

These are very good reasons to consider taking out your existing windows.

Replacing old windows with high performance vinyl windows has many advantages:

• Improved curb appeal
• Reduced environmental impact and carbon foot print
• Lower energy costs with ENERGYSTAR® rated products
• No maintenance – vinyl windows don’t need painting
• Better home security
• Noise reduction
• 100% pure UPVC which provides protection from fading in the sun

We understand it is a big investment, so if you would like a free consultation and quote, please contact Stephenson Windows Strathroy Ontario.

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